May 02, 2014

Fiction Writing Blog Assignment #8 - Writing and Work Shopping and Blogging... Oh my!

It's nearly finals week, which means that the end of the semester is almost here, and final projects are to be handed in soon.

So our final blog assignment is on writing, work shopping, and blogging. Work shopping was interesting. I have never work shopped before this class and it was cool to get feedback from your peers. It helps you to see things that you wouldn't necessarily find yourself. Blogging for a class was interesting, as well, and I hope to never have to do it again. Just kidding. It was cool to blog about things for school after I stopped blogging personally. Blogging is also a different kind of writing. It forces you to be more concise and write to grab people's attention. Overall, I think blogging and work shopping are both very helpful in helping to shape someone's writing and I've learned a lot.

Well, this is it, probably my last post of the semester, but hopefully not forever.

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